Replica France Training Kit 2016 for Kids | Fc Kingdom

This training kit for kids published in 2016 consists of white and black textile, matched black pants. The white training top adopts white stand color. Players’ body temperature could be regulated through a white zipper inlaid on the front. It’s convenient for kids to open and close. Shoulders’ outline is highlighted by the navy blue stripes on shoulder, making them easily could be recognized by loyal fans on football field. Clever tailored sleeves are spliced by two different parts, adding fashionable quality into it. The unique shirt badge – proud cockerel is surrounded by four stars, showing its national prides.

Same with training top, the black pants adopt concise color combination and design. Except for white cockerel and white logo of Nike, the rest adopts striking cool black. There is a sharp contrast between the training top and pants, also a response to each other in color.

The France national football team represents France in international football and is controlled by the Football Association, the supervisor for football in England. Many white-cockerel badges are printed on the front of official France football shirt and training kit for kids.

Good quality devices are necessary to players for better performance on football field. Before participating in a significant competition, I’ll purchase a suitable training kit.

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