The Winning Possibility of Portugal Side

The Fifth Hot Team: Portugal

Team Strength: Four Stars

Coach Strength: Four Stars

Championship Index: One Star

The winning of Portugal at the 2016 European cup is magic somewhat. The team won Group Stages dodder along, avoiding many giant clubs amazingly. It knocked out Croatia in the Last Eight, defeated Poland in quarterfinals, and won Wales in semifinals. The team perform badly in the semifinals; nevertheless, France side performed even much bad in semifinals. This sequence couldn’t convince many people, neither me. However, the destiny is that Portugal won the 2016 European. Luck is a part of matches.

In retrospect to the history of FIFA World Cup, Portugal couldn’t been regarded as an outstanding team. It was under the leadership of Eusebio that Portugal has won the third place many years ago. Look at the cast of the Portugal football team. It is neither better than Belgium nor Croatia side. But never underestimate the heart of “King of Football”. Under the leadership of Ronaldo, the Portugal football team is competent enough to play matches with some top-flight football teams.

Except for Ronaldo, the football team consists of many common football players, without obvious advantages and weakness. It could enter into the Last Eight if it performs in a stable manner. It is difficult to compete other stronger teams in the following links. Luck will not accompany the team all the time.

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